Alan Gray


  • Aluminium Heat Exchangers
  • Materials characterisation and analysis
Alan has over 40 years’ experience in product and process metallurgy. Within Innoval he manages our Materials Testing laboratories and he’s also the programme manager responsible for Heat Exchanger Materials.


Alan began his career with the British Aluminium Company at their R&D centre in the UK. Having started in the surface chemistry/corrosion group, he moved to a more metallurgical based role where he worked on the development and commercialisation of super-plastic alloys which culminated in the formation of a spin-off company, Superform Aluminium.

Alan then moved to Alcan’s R&D centre in Banbury where he focused on lightweight aluminium-lithium alloys for the aerospace industry. Following this, he worked in the field of automotive heat exchangers, in particular alloy development, from which he produced number of patents and published papers.

At Innoval, Alan utilises his considerable experience in heat exchangers to travel all over the world auditing and optimising brazing lines, as well as leading cutting-edge R&D programmes to develop new alloys on behalf of our clients. As the Manager of our Materials Testing laboratories here in Banbury, he is often the first point of contact for clients requiring fast and reliable trouble shooting.

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Si particle size analysis for brazed aluminium heat exchangers

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