Process Improvement Techniques Training Course

You’ve already implemented a process control system on your production processes but you’re not sure you’re measuring everything you should, or getting as much as you could from the data

Maybe you need to put a control system in place, but you’re not sure what to measure?

If you measure the right parameters in the right way, you’ll soon have a thorough understanding of your processes and what you need to do to improve them. What’s more, your improvements will be data driven so you’ll be confident that you’re focusing on the right thing. Once you’ve made those improvements, the measurements you’ve implemented will tell you how much impact they’re having.

How this course can help

The Process Improvement Techniques training course introduces several well-known techniques for process improvement. It includes the following modules: Data Measurement, Data Analysis, Process Improvement using Statistics and Statistically Designed Experiments.

Our tutors are the perfect people to teach you and offer practical advice because they’ve had years of experience in successfully applying these techniques within the aluminium industry.

 Who is it for?

Process Improvement Techniques training course is designed for graduates in an engineering or science discipline who are responsible for process outputs.

If it’s appropriate, we can ‘bolt on’ two extra modules: Six Sigma for Managers and The Basics of Lean. These modules provide the background information to help you understand these two very effective improvement techniques. Please note, however, that these two modules are not aimed at Six Sigma or Lean practitioners as they only give an overview.

How long is the course and when is the next one?

The course is two days long, or three days with the extra modules. As with all of our training courses (apart from the Aluminium Rolling Technology Course), it is bespoke. This means we design this course specifically to your requirements, taking into account your products, processes and the experience of your people. We then send our consultants to deliver the course on your site at a time that is convenient to you.

You get the training you really need in the most efficient way possible; everyone learns together whilst avoiding costly travel expenses.

If you click on the Course Details pdf you’ll see a list of modules which provide a guide for us to work around when designing your course.

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