Douglas Boomer

aluminium joining expert


  • Aluminium joining expert
  • Rapid prototyping for extrusions
Doug has 30 years’ experience in the joining of aluminium (bonding and spot welding) for automotive applications.
Currently he’s involved in development of high strength extrusions for vehicles.


Doug is our aluminium joining expert and he specialises in automotive applications. He was part of a team that developed a low-cost method for the spot welding of high-volume aluminium vehicles. For this work, Doug and his co-workers received an award from the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Within the automotive industry the need for lightweight structures demands higher strength materials. To help our clients meet this challenge, Doug runs a rapid prototyping facility to develop and demonstrate alloy and process-route improvements for aluminium extrusions.

Doug’s skills also include non-destructive evaluation (NDE), instrumentation, data acquisition & control, and he previously setup and ran a welding lab in Alcan’s Detroit facility. He also maintains and manages the IT infrastructure within Innoval.

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