Dr. Eoghan McAlpine


  • Surface characterisation, bonding and surface treatments for sheet, foil packaging and extrusion materials and products
  • EU/UK government-supported innovations projects in collaboration with academic and industrial partners
Eoghan has worked for over 30 years in R&D and product development in European and North American industrial sectors including: battery systems, nuclear energy, aluminium foil packaging, architectural, automotive and metal finishing.


After a PhD in Physical Chemistry and a fellowship in Massachusetts, Eoghan worked for several UK companies before finding his niche in Ontario, Canada studying corrosion processes in Pressurised Water Reactors,the results contributing to reduced radiation fields for nuclear workers. This was followed by ~20 years with Alcan where he added his surfaces expertise to new products and processes, including flexible packaging products, adhesive bonding for transport and anodic film membrane applications. When Alcan removed its R&D operations from the UK, Eoghan managed their Innovations portfolio.

Within Innoval, Eoghan’s role largely revolves around EU/UK government-supported collaborative innovations projects: from metal processing developments to thin film products and catalyst systems. Eoghan is also a CChem, an FRSC, a member of the EPSRC Peer Review Panel and an Organising Committee member for the International Aluminium Surface Science and Technology conferences.

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Anodised aluminium as a catalyst support

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