Dr. Gary Mahon

aluminium expert


  • Managing Director
  • Aluminium Expert
Gary’s been working as a metallurgist in the aluminium industry for almost 30 years.
He has a huge amount of experience in automotive sheet and extrusions, beverage can sheet, foil and foilstock, aerospace plate, sheet and extrusions.
Gary also consults in rolling and extrusion process improvement and strategic investment support.


Gary has a PhD in Metallurgy from Birmingham University and he has worked in industrial R&D since 1989. While employed by Alcan he led projects on product improvement and technology transfer across globally distributed manufacturing operations. He also developed a system for sharing best practice across multiple sites.

Since joining Innoval Gary has continued with projects related to product improvement, and he has led numerous benchmarking activities in rolling and extrusion plants around the world. Gary writes and delivers many of our training courses and, as an aluminium expert, he often presents the metallurgy module on our Aluminium Rolling Technology Course.

Blog posts by Gary

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