Prof. Geoff Scamans

aluminium surface expert


  • Metallurgist, aluminium surface expert
  • Lightweighting
Geoff is our Chief Scientific Officer. He has over 40 years of experience in aluminium alloy science and technology, and he’s a Professor of Metallurgy at Brunel University.


As well as being an aluminium surface expert, Geoff’s our ‘green guru’. He knows just about everything there is to know about the metallurgy of scrap recycling, environmentally friendly surface treatment, and low cost aluminium automotive sheet for the mass production of lightweight low carbon emission vehicles.

Geoff’s product experience includes aerospace, armour plate, marine, automotive, architectural and energy applications. He also manages university R&D programmes, and UK and EU funded multi-client programmes.

Geoff’s career has included the following roles:

  • Technical Leader for Stress Corrosion Control in 7XXX alloys
  • Principal Scientist in New Opportunities Programme – the exploitation of aluminium surface technology (battery products, membranes, bondability)
  • Technical Director of the Alcan subsidiary Alupower
  • Principal Scientist, managing Global Rolled Products surface technology core program

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