Dr. Junjie Wang

aluminium surface technologist


  • Aluminium surface treatment and corrosion
  • Failure analysis
Junjie is a Consultant and Technical Manager for Surface Science. He has experience in aluminium surface cleaning and pretreatment, surface quality evaluation and control.


Junjie obtained a degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Central South University in China, followed by a PhD in Corrosion Science and Engineering from The University of Manchester. For a further 2 years he continued his research into corrosion and protection of aluminium alloys as a postdoctoral Research Associate at The University of Manchester.

Junjie joined Innoval’s Materials Development team in 2015 as a Senior Surface Technologist. He then progressed to Materials Consultant in 2020 and was promoted to Technical Manager, Surface Science in 2021. This current role sees him managing InnovateUK-funded collaborative R&D projects. With more than 15 years of research into aluminium surfaces, Junjie has a deep understanding of the subject.

Junjie is a Chartered Engineer registered with the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

Blog posts by Junjie

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