Dr. Michael Kenyon


  • Aluminium metallurgy
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability
Michael is part of our Materials Development group. He joined us in 2018 immediately after his PhD at the University of Manchester.


Michael completed an Advanced Metallic Systems CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training) course at the University of Manchester in September 2018. His PhD project was based around the effect of increased impurity elements on the precipitation behaviour of dispersoids in Al-Mg-Si alloys. As part of the CDT programme, he was awarded a postgraduate diploma in personal and professional skills.

As a member of our Materials Development group, Michael works across numerous sectors including automotive, aerospace and packaging, helping to improve our client’s products and processes. Michael is also heavily involved in our Innovate UK-funded collaborative R&D projects, which you can read about here.

Michael is passionate about promoting sustainable aluminium and he works on delivering Life Cycle Assessments as part of our strategic support, whether it is on a single process or studying the entire supply chain of a product. This allows our clients to understand and improve their sustainability performance.

Michael also represents Innoval within several institutes including the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) as a member of the Student and Early Career Committee, IOM3 Light Metals Division, and Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) Future Leaders Group.

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