Dr. Rade Ognjanovic

aluminium rolling process modelling


  • Process modelling
  • Polymer science
Rade is one of our Process Improvement consultants. His background is in chemistry and polymer science and he has over 25 years’ experience in process modelling.


Rade leads the development of our core rolling and finishing understanding. With his huge amount of experience in process modelling, Rade creates models for rolling mills, edge rolling, slitting lines, guillotines, stretchers and roller levellers. His skills include finite element modelling, computational fluid dynamics, C++ as well as modern statistical methods such as neural networks and genetic algorithms. Rade’s PhD in polymers and his post-doctoral work in polymer diffusion at Cornell University, together with his work prior to joining Innoval, mean he’s also very experienced in coatings, adhesives, fibres and lubricants.

Blog posts by Rade

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Aluminium rolling models: winding model

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