Alloy Development

Involving us in your alloy development programme gives you access to world-class aluminium expertise and pilot-scale facilities

We’re a unique resource to help you develop new products faster.

Help to select alloy variants that meet your product requirements

Using a combination of literature reviews and our product knowledge, we’ll help you select the most suitable alloys for your new product. You can then process them through one of our off-line routes followed by a full microstructural and property evaluation, done by us in our labs, to help you narrow down your choice.

Fast off-line capabilities speed up your development process

Thanks to our contacts at several leading UK universities, we have access to entire off-line aluminium sheet and aluminium extrusion process routes. One of our consultants will manage your project and carry out each stage of the process himself, from casting to cold rolling or extrusion. This means you get your results quickly. Taking aluminium sheet as an example, the whole process, from casting to mechanical property measurement, takes between four and six weeks with six alloy variants.

Support every step of the way

Once you’ve narrowed down your alloy candidates, we can help you with the scale-up by developing the optimum thermo-mechanical processing route in your plant. If you need on-site support for the trials, we can help with that too.

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