Aluminium Consultants

Aluminium Consultants

All the technical support and training you need from aluminium consultants with decades of industry experience

Innoval Technology provides world-class expertise to supplement your in-house knowledge. Bringing our aluminium consultants on-board could shorten your product development time and increase your speed to market. It could mean getting your new equipment up and running to world-class standards in as short a time as possible. Or we could add our industry knowledge to your investment project to make sure you’re making the right decisions.

Our knowledge at your disposal

Innoval Technology’s experience and technical ability is known globally. Our aluminium consultants have experience of working throughout the world, so we know better than most people what constitutes ‘world-class’. If you have a particular problem with your product or process, we’ll be able to deliver the solution quickly because we’ve probably seen the problem before.

What makes our aluminium consultants different?

We have a huge amount of expertise under one roof. Our aluminium consultants come from a wide range of technical disciplines and their practical experience is varied, with most people having worked on automotive, aerospace, building and packaging products. Consequently, the breadth of knowledge within Innoval Technology means we can tackle any issue from several angles to ensure you always get the best result.

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Our History

Innoval Technology was formed in 2003 by people from Alcan’s Banbury Technical Centre. For seven decades ‘Banbury Laboratories’, as it was known, was responsible for some of the most significant technological developments in aluminium, including the leading automotive sheet technology used by today’s car manufacturers.

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Bloodhound LSR Project

Innoval’s world-class aluminium expertise is helping the Bloodhound LSR engineering team reach their 1000mph goal.

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Our Current Vacancies

aluminium consultants

We’re looking for talented and dynamic individuals to join our growing team of aluminium specialists.

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