We believe that all products should be good for people and for the planet.

We are a collective of expert consultants who work with partners to develop products and production methods that put sustainability, usability and efficiency first. We build long-term relationships to help organisations design, develop and manufacture better products for end-users and the environment.


We’re invested in finding sustainable solutions.

Right now, we work predominantly with aluminium because of its many benefits. However, our remit is not limited to aluminium. We are constantly evolving and innovating our approaches based on the best materials and methods that are available, and that may become available in the future.


What makes our aluminium consultants different?

We have a huge amount of expertise under one roof. Our aluminium consultants come from a wide range of technical disciplines and their practical experience is varied, with most people having worked on automotive, aerospace, building and packaging products. Consequently, the breadth of knowledge within Innoval Technology means we can tackle any issue from several angles to ensure you always get the best result.