sustainable aluminium


It’s a big word. But the only way to get there is with lots of small changes. Sometimes the changes are really, really small. Like the microscopic differences between one alloy and another.

Whether you need to make small changes or something really big, our expertise is here to support you.

Sustainable aluminium; let’s work together.

Sustainable aluminium technologies are starting to make an impact. We’re involved in many collaborative R&D programmes, many of which focus on technologies to reduce environmental impact, such as electric vehicles. Other recent examples include sustainable packaging solutions. We believe that innovation is key in positioning aluminium as the material of choice in the circular economy.

sustainable aluminium
sustainable aluminium

It’s all about the impact.

Sustainability analysis is increasingly crucial in today’s environmentally conscious landscape, driven by public awareness, political considerations, and investor and consumer demands. Understanding the environmental impact of your product or service is vital.

We can assist you in this by implementing Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) or Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), offering a transparent and comprehensive overview of your product’s life cycle environmental performance. Incorporating LCAs or EPDs into your sustainability strategy enhances credibility and fosters a commitment to a more responsible business ecosystem.

Interested in how we can help you be more sustainable?