Arm yourself with the knowledge to solve problems and improve your products with one of our aluminium training courses.

We’ve developed a suite of aluminium training courses specifically for the aluminium industry. Each course is written and delivered by an Innoval consultant who has lots of industry experience and who is familiar with day-to-day production issues.

Many of our training courses can be held as live online events using Microsoft Teams.  

aluminium courses

Client focused training.

Aside from our public training courses, our training is created especially for you and delivered at your site. We take into account your products and processes, as well as the delegates’ level of expertise. Because everyone’s needs are different, we don’t offer a one-course-fits-all solution.

If your company is looking for an aluminium training course, just ask us.

However, if there’s just you or you’re a small group, why not join one of our public courses? We limit the numbers to make sure there’s plenty of opportunities for questions, so our students get the most out of their training. These courses are open to everyone. Why not take a look?

Increase your understanding with in-depth product knowledge.

We offer product-specific courses, such as foil rolling & separating, beverage cans & can sheet, extrusions and automotive sheet, to help you really understand material behaviour during manufacture. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about how your product behaves in service. Metallurgy, surface treatment, corrosion and lubrication are some of the topics covered in our product courses.

We deliver these courses as private events either at your site, or online.

aluminium courses
aluminium courses

Learn about the latest developments in your sector.

Aluminium expertise is the backbone of our business, so it’s vital that we keep abreast of the latest product and process developments. Make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition by understanding the impact these developments could have on your business.

Improve your efficiency and quality with tried and tested process improvement techniques.

If you want to solve more problems in-house and be less reliant on your suppliers, one of our process courses could help you do this. You’ll learn about the latest improvement techniques from tutors who have had years of experience successfully applying them in the aluminium industry.

Our most well-known process course is the Aluminium Rolling Technology Course, which we run several times a year both online and in-person. In addition to this, we offer supplementary courses such as roll grinding, slitting and tension levelling etc.

We deliver the supplementary courses as private events either at your site, or online.

aluminium courses

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