lightweight transportation

Aluminium, the leading metal for lightweight transportation.

Did you know that the Wright Brothers only became airborne after switching to a cast aluminium engine block? The spectacular growth that followed, from the first all-metal aircraft structure to the first Transamerica flight to the giant passenger jets that we take for granted today were all made possible due to the advances in aluminium alloy technology in the 20th century.

The development and commercial application of high strength heat treatable 2xxx and 7xxx series alloys pushed the boundaries of mechanical properties and structural integrity. This is a great example of aluminium driving innovation in a major industry sector.

Where will the journey take us next?

Here at Innoval, we have experts who have spent many years in industry developing and working on high strength aerospace alloys, as well as alloys for other forms of lightweight transportation.

If you have a requirement for alloy development, materials characterisation and testing, quality or productivity improvement or any other areas of technical support, we are here to help you.

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