Get the support and advice you need to make the best decisions for your product and your users.

We offer a variety of aluminium strategic services to support your investment…

If your project requires you to do some or all of the following: conduct technical due diligence, write a pre-feasibility study, design a new plant and decide which equipment to buy or upgrade, we can help you. We launched our Strategic Support Services in 2009 and we’ve been helping investors make the right decisions ever since.

… and we produce models to tell you how much it will cost to build a plant and run it.

We have financial models to do just this, and they’ve been developed to incorporate our experience of the global aluminium industry. We’re able to calculate all the key financial indicators, together with sensitivity analyses, for any scenario you want to consider.

If you’re involved in an aluminium investment, you need a technical team with world-class expertise.

We can advise you on anything to do with the aluminium industry.

Most of our consultants have been supporting the industry for over 20 years, and many have held Senior Management positions in global aluminium companies. Furthermore, because of the work we do, we have a unique, industry-wide perspective. 

Expert evaluation of downstream assets.

If you’re looking for an independent, honest and technically accurate account of the current state of an operation and of its future potential, we can help you. Our team of industry experts will tell you if the equipment you’re about to invest in is capable of supplying the target markets, both in terms of production capacity and product quality. We’ll also look at safety and environmental aspects, as well as assessing the capability of the staff and reviewing the process documentation.

Prefeasibility studies and plant design.

Following a market study, we can help you define the best products to manufacture. With our detailed knowledge of process routes, we can then specify the equipment you’ll need to produce your products to world-class standards. And from our experience of working in plants all over the world, we can design a plant layout which maximises efficiency.

You won’t find a better team offering strategic support for your aluminium investment.

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