Innoval’s Aluminium Rolling Technology Course is known throughout the industry. It’s a detailed week-long course which is perfect for engineers. However, after being approached by Aleris Rolled Products North America, we realised there was scope for a shorter, less technical version of our rolling technology course.

Aleris is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of aluminium rolled products. The company has approximately 13 facilities across business units in North America, Europe and China. It serves a variety of end-use industries. These include aerospace, automotive, building and construction, transportation, packaging, and consumer goods.

How we were involved

The Senior Management team at Aleris Rolled Products North America wanted a course for their Executive Managers that would explain the fundamentals of aluminium rolling, but which did not go into the same amount of technical detail as our week-long rolling course.

Aleris rolling technology course
Aluminium coil at Aleris

The reasoning behind this was that several members of their Senior Team, and consistent with many companies of similar size, had come from industries other than aluminium. Furthermore, many had finance and management rather than technical backgrounds. However, they still needed to understand the basics of aluminium rolling, as well as know what we were teaching their engineers on our week-long courses.

In response to their request, we developed a two-day version of our Aluminium Rolling Technology Course and delivered it to the Executive Team at Aleris. It covered the fundamentals of rolling, such as the mechanics and thermal aspects, but without the detailed mathematical calculations and workshops.

Services Involved

  • Aluminium rolling
  • Aluminium Rolling Technology Course

This case study appears as an article in the 2018 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.

This was the single best day of training I’ve received in my career at Aleris. I knew maybe 60-70% of the content going in so this just filled in a lot of the knowledge gaps. For me personally, the presentation was the right amount of detail at the right pace. Those guys are pros.

Travis Debes, Vice President Supply Chain, Aleris Rolled Products North America