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Aluminium surfaces training course

Our Introduction to Aluminium Surfaces & Treatments training course equips delegates with a solid foundational understanding of aluminium surfaces and treatments. Whilst it is pitched at an introductory level, the topics are explored in some depth.

We aim to bridge the gap between fundamental knowledge and real-world applications to ensure that delegates are well-prepared to address processing challenges and contribute to maintaining high product quality.

Innoval’s surface science team has written this training course. They’ve drawn upon their many years of experience working with aluminium surfaces both in R&D and production environments.

The course modules are shown below (and also in the Course Details pdf):

Aluminium surfaces.

  • Surface characteristics
  • Surface generation during processing
  • Factors affecting surface properties
  • Quality requirements and inspection
  • Common product defects

Surface cleaning.

  • Objectives of surface cleaning
  • Cleaning types and reaction mechanisms
  • Critical control parameters in production
  • Evaluation of surface cleanliness
  • Common issues and remedies

Surface pretreatment.

  • Typical requirements
  • Pretreatment developments
  • Formation mechanisms
  • Automotive pretreatments
  • Application techniques


  • Purpose of anodising
  • Mechanism of anodising
  • Influence of processing parameters
  • Anodising types and applications
  • Common issues and remedies

Surface coating.

  • General characteristics
  • Adhesion properties
  • Coating chemistry
  • Performance testing
  • Coating modifications

Who is it for?

This training course is tailored for professionals engaged in industries reliant on the pivotal role of aluminium surfaces. Target participants may include materials/surface engineers or quality assurance personnel within aluminium rolling or extrusion companies. Additionally, technicians overseeing surface cleaning, pretreatment, and anodising processes in surface treatment firms, as well as individuals in the automotive sector managing aluminium components and treatments, will find this course invaluable.

The course is pitched at a level suitable for graduates in an Engineering or Materials discipline.

How long is the course?

We will deliver this course as a live online event (using Microsoft Teams) in 2 x half-day sessions.

This course ensures active interaction between delegates and tutors, maximising the benefits of our expertise. We keep class sizes small to encourage participation and ensure effective learning. Attending our live online sessions means accessing top-notch training conveniently and cost-effectively. Delegates benefit from valuable insights from our tutors without the added expense of travel.

How to register for Introduction to Aluminium Surfaces & Treatments.

The course fee is £590 per person. Each delegate will receive a full set of course materials in pdf format.

To register, please download and return the registration form.

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