Always at the forefront of automotive engineering, Jaguar Land Rover wanted to investigate the use of high-strength aerospace aluminium alloys in their vehicles. Use of these materials could reduce vehicle weight if used to replace steel, particularly for impact absorbing structures.

How we were involved

The team at Jaguar Land Rover brought our Materials Development team on board to provide expertise in the use of high-strength aluminium alloys from within the aerospace industry. We advised them on the merits of the various high-strength alloys and tempers available, as well as suggesting how these materials could be incorporated into automotive structures.

Innoval’s involvement with Jaguar Land Rover on advanced high strength aluminium alloy research helped to reduce their normal development time. Our experience enabled the Engineers to gain an understanding of the issues they would have to deal with when using established aerospace alloys, allowing them to quickly narrow down the options and produce a more targeted experimental programme.

Dr Gary Mahon, Senior Materials Consultant at Innoval Technology

Services Involved

  • Materials Development
  • Automotive Lightweighting
  • Automotive Body Structures

We’ve also worked with Jaguar Land Rover on the REALCAR project. You can read more about it here.

This case study appears as an article in the 2008 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.