If Innoval does product development work for my company, does that mean you own the Intellectual Property (IP)?

No, the client normally chooses to own the IP of any developmental work we carry out for them.

You’re a consultancy so you probably work with other companies in my sector. How do I know you won’t share information about me to my competitors?

You can rest assured that we do not share information between our clients. Confidentiality is the backbone of our business. All our clients are invited to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to any discussions taking place. On the rare occasions where we detect a conflict of interest, we will be clear on this and will make the decision not to work with a particular client.

Innoval is owned by Italian equipment manufacturer Danieli. Does this mean all project information is shared with them?

We operate as a separate and independent consulting business within Danieli Group. This means that any data or IP generated by us is kept within Innoval Technology.

I have a problem with my rolling mill but it is not a Danieli mill. Can you still help me?

Yes we can. However, we are not able to support the commissioning of a new mill which was not bought from Danieli.

Why are there no dates for your training courses on your web site?

All of our training courses (apart from the Aluminium Rolling Technology Course) are bespoke. This means we design this course specifically to your requirements, taking into account your products, processes and the experience of your people. We then send our consultants to deliver the course on your site at a time that is convenient to you.

You get the training you really need in the most efficient way possible; everyone learns together whilst avoiding costly travel expenses.

The Aluminium Rolling Technology Course takes place twice a year (May and November) in Banbury, UK.

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