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We provide high quality consultancy and technical support to investors, manufacturers and end-users of aluminium, and other metals, across a broad range of industry sectors. Our clients are rolling, extrusion, forging and finishing companies, and their suppliers and customers, throughout the world.

Innoval Technology's experience and technical ability are known worldwide. If you have a particular problem with your product or process, we'll be able to deliver the solution quickly because we've solved many problems before. Furthermore, because of the breadth of knowledge within the company (there are 26 of us), we can tackle any issue from several angles to ensure you always get the best result.

Our engineers have experience of working throughout the world, so we know better than most people what constitutes 'world-class', and we can help you get there quickly. Furthermore, we work independently so you'll always get unbiased advice from us. Finally, and most importantly, we're really passionate about our work and making our customers happy.

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