Aluminium rolling process models

Aluminium rolling process models

Optimising your rolling process to increase productivity, improve quality or save energy is much quicker and simpler with our aluminium rolling process models

Accurate models to help you improve

We believe our suite of aluminium rolling process models are the most accurate available to the industry today. This is because, alongside the physics of the process, they incorporate the comprehensive knowledge and understanding of aluminium that is unique to Innoval. As a consequence, our rolling models can calculate parameters that are less well known to the user, such as roll gap friction.

Process models that are easy to use

We build each model according to your process, taking into account equipment configurations and product dimensions. We also help you to obtain the data needed to calibrate the models.

To use the models you simply enter various parameters from your machine specifications or operating procedures. The models then give you information on variables that cannot easily be measured, such as internal process temperatures. Effectively, our models allow you to ‘see inside’ your process whilst it’s running.

A great way to optimise your process without disrupting production

We describe our process models in more detail in the links on the right had side of this page. If you like what you read, you can buy our process models under a license agreement.

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