Innoval Rolling Model

You can use the Innoval Rolling Model to set up new rolling pass schedules, to simulate rolling new products and to design new or upgraded mills that are fit for purpose.

Accurate prediction of rolling parameters

Our aluminium rolling model is a physics-based model which predicts rolling loads, motor power and torque, roll gap friction, strip and roll temperatures and strip profile and flatness. It can be adapted to run on-line, working in parallel with the rolling operation, to predict the thermal state of the mill for cold mill threading or hot mill profile control.

The information it needs

  • Geometry of mill and rolls
  • Strip/slab geometry, temperature, metallurgical conditions
  • Pass gauges, speeds, tensions
  • Oil viscosity and additives used


Innoval rolling model

User-friendly data entry screen for the Innoval Rolling Model


Innoval rolling model 2

User configurable input window

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