Spray Impact Model

Our Spray Impact Model provides excellent profile control in hot rolling and flatness control in cold rolling

Design the most efficient spray cooling system for your mill

This model contains all the key understanding to design efficient spray cooling systems to cool rotating rolls in any rolling mill. The model takes into account direct cooling from the complex bank of sprays, interactions between neighbouring sprays and banks, and all other indirect cooling effects resulting from the flow of liquid around the roll surface.

The information it needs

  • Geometry of mills and rolls
  • Strip/slab geometry, temperature, metallurgical conditions
  • Pass gauges, speeds, tensions
  • Oil viscosity and additives used
  • Engineering drawings showing existing headers or available space within the mill
  • Heat input from the strip/slab, work roll speed, coolant medium, coolant flow/nozzle types, nozzle spacing and inclination, coolant pressure

User-friendly data entry screen for the Innoval Spray Impact Model


Cross sectional output of circumferential spray impact


Output showing circumferential spray impact on roll surface

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