If you’re installing a new piece of machinery, you probably want to get the most out of your investment from day one. This means optimising the set up for your products. It also means training your operators so that they really understand the process. This is exactly what AL INVEST Bridličná, a.s., (ALINVEST) did when they commissioned their new separator last year.

AL INVEST is a manufacturer of aluminium packaging materials and rolled products. Their product portfolio ranges from foil for packaging, through to household foil and aluminium containers. They also manufacture Profal and corrugated sheets for architectural applications.

How we were involved

Dan Miller and Vicente Martin travelled to AL INVEST’s site in the Bruntál region of the Czech Republic to run a separator training course. Separators, as the name suggests, part the two sheets of foil which have been rolled together during the final rolling pass. They also trim edges and slit the parent coil into smaller ones.

aluminium separator training
Coils of aluminium foil at the end of the separator

AL INVEST was in the process of commissioning a new separator. The engineering team wanted to understand how to set up the machine to get the optimum quality and productivity from it. They also wanted to increase their understanding of what was required from the incoming material. This was in order to get the best results from their new machine.

Over two days, Vicente and Dan covered a range of topics to do with both the separator and the product. Dan’s sessions included the rolling and slitting processes, as well as the use of interleaf oil. Vicente talked about coil structure and handling, surface defects and product quality. He also included a section on the annealing operation and how it removes residual oil after separating.

After the separator training course, and whilst back in the UK, Vicente and Dan continued to give help and advice to the team at AL INVEST.

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Services Involved

  • Aluminium rolling
  • Aluminium training courses

This case study appears as an article in the 2017 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.

We appreciated the complex theoretical perspective of the course. It helped us to understand the process better which will help us to improve quality and productivity.

Václav Pospíšil, Head of Technology at AL INVEST Bridličná, a.s.