Rexam is the world’s second largest consumer packaging group and the leading global beverage can maker. The company serves a number of markets including the beverage, personal care, healthcare and food markets. Rexam’s turnover is approximately £4.6 billion and it employs some 24,000 people in more than 20 countries.

How we were involved

We have been working with Rexam for several years. Our aluminium expertise in sheet, pre-treatments and coatings has played a part in product development projects, whilst our material testing capabilities have been used to support product performance improvements in both steel and aluminium cans.

We’ve also provided additional skills to support the team at Rexam responsible for commissioning the FUSION Aluminium Bottle pilot line at their Milton Keynes site.

At Innoval we have extensive in-house materials characterisation and analysis capabilities which our clients often use as part of their product development projects. We also help them get to the root cause of material problems. Our aluminium expertise and knowledge of end-use applications helps us to interpret test results and provide our cleints with sound, impartial recommendations.

Because we’re a group of aluminium specialists, we have expertise and practical experience in almost all aluminium products and processes.

Services Involved

  • Materials Development
  • Materials Testing
  • Surface Treatment
  • Beverage Cans Training Course

The Milton Keynes site referred to in this case study is now owned by Ball.

This case study appears as an article in the 2010 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.

The breadth of Innoval Technology’s aluminium expertise and their understanding of the beverage can industry have helped us in numerous projects. We also value their independence and specialised analysis skills.

Bill Neilson, Technical Director for Rexam Beverage Can Europe and Asia