Langley Alloys was originally founded in 1938. Starting with some key new alloy development during the Second World War (including engine bearing materials for Spitfire aircraft) it has developed a global reputation for design, development and supply of alloys for high integrity applications. Originally the company was based at Langley, near Heathrow, but now operates from an integrated manufacturing and distribution site in Stoke on Trent.

The latest alloy developments at Langley Alloys have been the leading superduplex stainless steel, FERRALIUM 255-SD50 and the high strength copper-nickel alloys MARINEL 220 and MARINEL 230. Both of these materials offer high corrosion resistance for seawater applications coupled with advantageous mechanical properties.

How we were involved

We were able to offer a complete materials characterisation and analysis service to assist the new alloy development projects. By supplementing our in-house expertise, interpretative skills and facilities with an extensive outsourcing network, Innoval provides a unique, cost-effective approach to materials development.

Using a combination of literature reviews and our product knowledge, we help clients select the most suitable alloys for their new product. The alloys can then be processed through one of our off-line routes, followed by a full microstructural and property evaluation to help narrow down the choice.

Services Involved

  • Alloy Development
  • Materials Development
  • Materials Testing

This case study appears as an article in the 2006 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.

Materials development demands the input of expertise in all aspects of the manufacturing process and the requirement for high class metallurgical analysis. Innoval Technology has staff and facilities which satisfy both of these aspects of alloy advancement. Thus, Innoval’s services have proved to be invaluable to Langley Alloys as a means to developing and improving its products.

Clive Tuck, Technical Director of Langley Alloys Ltd