Rotomac International Ltd, based in New Delhi, India, produces coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metal sheet to be used in industries as diverse as automotive, construction and packaging.

Rotomac contacted us firstly to test the performance of a range of ground-breaking new paint systems and then, if successful, to develop a technology-based marketing strategy for the paint.

How we were involved

Innoval Technology is ISO 17025 accredited for the testing of painted sheet systems. For the new product evaluation study we tested the performance of the MAC Coat Series of paints from Rotomac on AA 6016 automotive closure sheet and on AA3005 architectural sheet.


The MAC Coat Series of paint formulations, which are based on the use of a polyvinyl terpolymer and an alkyd resin, were found to have outstanding adhesion on a wide range of substrates. Although this is true of many paint systems available to the coil coating industry today, the MAC Coat Series is different in that these coatings potentially offer durability and corrosion protection without the use of a pre-treatment. They were even shown to be effective on pre-corroded steel surfaces. Furthermore, as well as removing the pre-treatment stage, these paints cure at low peak metal temperatures, so significant environmental benefits and energy savings can also be achieved.

Services Involved

  • Materials Development
  • Materials Testing
  • Surface Treatment

This case study appears as an article in the 2006 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.

Rotomac approached Innoval to carry out the evaluation of our MAC Coat Series because they have world-class surface expertise, coupled with extensive experience of coil coating. Furthermore, because Innoval is an independent company, we were assured of an impartial assessment of our products. Innoval’s knowledge of the European coil coating industry puts them in an ideal position to develop a marketing strategy for us, and we are now looking forward to working with Innoval to exploit this exciting new technology in Europe.

Dr D. Bhattacharya, Technical Director of Rotomac International Ltd