Knowledge Mapping at Morgan Carbon


Businesses that capture and share knowledge at all levels are able to find new ways to improve quality, standardise operations to reduce costs and identify and replicate best practice across different parts of the company. That was certainly the experience at Morgan Carbon of Morriston in Swansea; manufacturers of electro-graphitic carbon blocks used mainly in the automotive, rail and domestic appliance sectors.

Morgan Carbon invested in our K-Map software, which provides an easy to use, structured way of capturing all of the knowledge contained within a plant. Developed specifically for manufacturing companies, K-Maps are a practical knowledge mapping tool suitable for capturing information and data about every process and product.

How we were involved

knowledge mapping at Morgan

A K-Map workshop at Morgan Carbon

Gary Mahon and Helen Forrest worked with employees at Morgan Carbon to map all of the relevant knowledge about their products and processes onto a matrix within the K-Map software that shows visually how each process stage affects the product attributes.


knowledge mapping at Morgan 2

The three levels of a K-Map

The “interactions” between the product attributes and each process stage were defined during a detailed workshop, where tacit knowledge (i.e. what individual team members knew) about the nature of each interaction and the quality controls in place was identified and captured.

Further data to support the tacit knowledge was then acquired and stored within the software package.

Services Involved

This case study appears as an article in the 2004 edition of ‘innform’; the newsletter of Innoval Technology.

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