Aluminium Process Cost Models

Process cost models to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs

Do you have ideas about improving the efficiency of your processes, but production pressures and process constraints prevent you from trying them out?

Are you considering installing a new line, and do you want to know the likely operating costs, material and energy consumptions and effluent discharges?

How Innoval can help

We’ll work with you to create your process cost models, allowing as many different parameters as you like to be adjusted and their effects investigated – without affecting real-life production. Technical process cost models of your line can include all the main process centres as well as the ancillary processes, such as waste treatment.

The models uses inputs of your desired product mix and operating conditions to calculate the usage and associated costs of all the materials, water, energy, wastes and labour required. Results can be viewed across the whole process, as well as for individual machine centres, thereby identifying critical processes. Sensitivity studies can provide further insight into the role of many parameters under a wide range of changing conditions.

Your process – with our knowledge

Most of the processes you already operate, or are considering, have corresponding ‘modules’ in our technical process cost model toolbox. All that we need to do, with your help, is assemble the modules, adjust a few parameters to make a bespoke representation of your plant or process.

By combining a series of process modules together, any number of process-product realisation routes can be rapidly investigated. Suitably configured, these will give you valuable insight into operating costs and operational metrics such as number of furnaces required, equipment capacities, speeds and many more. Additionally, the process mass balance ensures that your metal flows; metal inputs, alloying requirements, scrap generation, work-in-progress, and losses, are all calculated and considered.

We have found that with ‘us driving’ and ‘you comfortably chauffeured in the passenger seat’ makes for a much more efficient response and informative generation of the results you require. Without the need for you or your staff to spend time learning to use new models and software, you get the full expert-user experience from the people who developed them.

Find out how much it will cost to build a plant and then to run it

You can make use of our models to find out your likely operating costs before making an investment, providing you know your equipment configurations. Even if you you’re not sure – our team of experienced industry experts can advise on best-practice arrangements.

What’s more, since we’ve developed our process cost models using our experience of the global aluminium industry, even if you’re new to aluminium, you can trust our models to give you unbiased and reliable information.

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