Strategic Support Summary

Strategic Support Summary

We can advise you on anything to do with the aluminium industry.

Most of our consultants have been supporting the industry for over 20 years, and many have held Senior Management positions in global aluminium companies. Furthermore, because of the work we do, we have a unique, industry-wide perspective. This page gives a summary of what we can offer in terms of Strategic Support for your investments:

Technical Due Diligence: expert evaluation of downstream assets

If you’re looking for an independent, honest and technically accurate account of the current state of an operation and of its future potential, we can help you. Our team of industry experts will tell you if the equipment you’re about to invest in is capable of supplying the target markets, both in terms of production capacity and product quality. We’ll also look at safety and environmental aspects, as well as assessing the capability of the staff and reviewing the process documentation.

Technical due diligence: Are you biting a lemon?

Pre-feasibility Studies and Plant Design

Following a market study, we can help you define the best products to manufacture. With our detailed knowledge of process routes, we can then specify the equipment you’ll need to produce your products to world-class standards. And from our experience of working in plants all over the world, we can design a plant layout which maximises efficiency.

We also feed all financial information (including an estimation of the civil engineering costs) into our cost model to determine the project’s NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal rate of Return), and so assess its economic viability.

You might find this blog about designing a World-Class aluminium rolling plant useful.

Should you invest in new equipment or upgrade existing equipment?

We can help you answer this question and offer guidance on how to obtain the most value from your investment. Whatever you decide, we’ll tell you what you need to buy to meet your goals. If you decide to upgrade, we’ll help you maximise returns on your investment and evaluate the possibility of serving new markets with your assets.

Financial Modelling: calculate key financial indicators together with sensitivity analyses

Our financial models have been developed to incorporate our experience of the global aluminium industry. To assess new plants or those at the design phase, we use realistic values for production recoveries, labour requirements, consumption of energy (and other utilities) and consumables to calculate the total operating costs. Up-to-date equipment prices are incorporated for an accurate estimation of capital costs.

For more information, please visit Process Cost Models.

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