Heat Exchangers

We’re committed to offering world class expertise in brazing technology and aluminium alloys for heat exchangers

Our experts have extensive materials development, product and process expertise.

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments

We’re active in many stages of the automotive heat exchanger supply chain. This gives us a unique view of the industry, and we can supply information on market trends, new materials and processes, and new characterisation/testing techniques to keep you ahead of the competition.

Alloy development for new products

If you send us your specification, our metallurgists will produce a series of alloys that will achieve the properties you want. We’ll also help you to develop the specification if you need us to. Once we’ve decided upon the alloy variants, we’ll work out the best way of processing them using our off-line prototyping facilities. This will enable us to select the best candidate for scale-up trials, for which we can provide on-site support if required.

Materials expertise to improve your product

Understanding your product at the microscopic level can lead to big improvements. For example, the shape and distribution of silicon particles in the cladding can affect its fluidity once molten, and the thickness of the oxide film can affect brazeability (wettability). We have both the facilities and the expertise to investigate these two features, and many more. As well as providing you with analysis results, we’ll advise on what you can do to improve your product.

If you experience a failure, we can find the root cause. Whether it’s in-service or production, our confidential forensic metallurgy service will provide the answers.

Sophisticated models for enhanced durability and down-gauging

Our modelling team can create a header plate and tube model of your product which will allow you to identify regions of high stress for different types of deformation.

Process know-how for trouble-free production

Whether you manufacture heater exchanger materials or you use them, we can help improve your processes with the following services:

  • Process optimisation
  • Process upgrades
  • Product and process audits of your supplier’s process for peace of mind
  • Training courses for your production personnel and process engineers

You can download our Aluminium Heat Exchangers brochure here.

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