Aluminium testing

Aluminium testing

We can analyse your material to solve a problem or answer a question. We will turn your samples around quickly and give you advice as well as test results.

Get more for your money

Our extensive in-house characterisation and analysis capabilities will help you get to the root cause of your material problem. To give you the very best value for money, we will use our product expertise and knowledge of end-use applications to interpret your test results and provide you with sound, impartial recommendations, rather than just data.

Because we’re a group of aluminium specialists, we have expertise and practical experience in almost all aluminium products and processes. We’d be happy to come to your plant and investigate the problem in situ as well as carry out testing in our labs.

Information to solve a problem or a dispute

Whether it’s an in-service or production failure, our confidential forensic metallurgy service will provide the answers. Sometimes we find that it’s the processing conditions, rather than the material, that causes a failure. Our analytical facilities, together with our knowledge of end-user processing, can independently assess this for you and your customer.

Confidence that you’ve chosen the best material

Do you fully understand how the manufacturing process and the end use of your product affects material selection? We can make sure you choose the right material for your product. We’ll also tell you if your product can be made from lower cost materials without affecting its performance.

Understand why a material is unusual or different

We can characterise your materials and tell you if a change in the manufacturing process has affected the quality of your final product. This ‘fingerprinting’ of your products (or your suppliers’ products) allows you to detect subtle changes and react accordingly.

If you’re looking for aluminium testing, with added value, then you’ve come to the right place.

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