Vicente Martin

aluminium foil expert


  • Product and process metallurgy, with a particular focus on thin foil processes
  • Training
Vicente is one of our Process Improvement consultants and an aluminium foil expert.
He’s a metallurgist with over 30 years’ experience and a wealth of both product and process knowledge.


Vicente was born in Spain and graduated in Physics and Materials Science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. As an aluminium foil expert he has worked in all areas of foil manufacturing, from casting through to packing, in both R&D and production roles.

During his ten years with Alcoa, Vicente led global technical transfer teams, both in foil and general common alloy manufacturing. He’s also been the technical manager of a large foil producer. Consequently, Vicente has a huge amount of experience that spans the whole process chain.

If you have an issue to do with foil, the chances are Vicente has probably seen it, and solved it, before! Vicente joined us in 2011 as our aluminium foil expert. He often delivers the metallurgy lecture that’s part of our Aluminium Rolling Technology Course.

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