Automotive Sheet Knowledge Transfer & Training Package

The demand for aluminium automotive sheet is rapidly increasing as more OEMs are turning to aluminium to make their vehicles lighter

If your company has decided to take advantage of this trend and manufacture automotive sheet for the first time, this package could really help you. Automotive sheet is a complex product and the high standards demanded by the OEMs can be difficult to meet.

How this course can help

We know all about automotive aluminium. Our team has contributed to the development and industrialisation of much of the automotive sheet technology in use today.

The Automotive Sheet Knowledge Transfer & Training Package gives you access to our decades of automotive experience in a user-friendly format with a training course to outline the basics. It will speed up your learning so you’ll be producing world-class automotive sheet in record time.

The package is made up of two parts:

Automotive Sheet Knowledge Map

A K-Map holds a wealth of information that is easily accessible. It is a software product consisting of a matrix which explores the relationship between process stages and product attributes.

We create a K-Map specific to your process route and we populate it with our knowledge of automotive sheet production, including quality checks and specifications. Because each K-Map is unique to your operation, it will also contain detailed information about your equipment and processing parameters.

The finished K-Map will be mounted on your server for access by everyone (with the relevant permissions) whenever they need it. Part of a K-Map is shown below:

Automotive Sheet Knowledge Transfer & Training Course

Level 1 K-Map for Heat Treatable 6xxx Sheet

3 day Automotive Sheet Training Course

The 3-day training course goes hand-in-hand with the K-Map. It serves as an introduction to automotive sheet manufacture for companies who are new to this product. A typical agenda is shown below:


Ma’aden Aluminium recently employed the Automotive Sheet Knowledge Transfer & Training Package to assist with the commissioning and start-up of their new automotive sheet rolling mill in Saudi Arabia.

Ma'aden Alumium Logo

Who is it for?

The Automotive Sheet Transfer & Training Package is designed for anyone involved in the production of automotive sheet for the first time. If you’re already making it, you might want to safeguard your knowledge with your own Automotive Sheet K-Map.

How long is the course and when is the next one?

The design and population of the K-Map normally takes several weeks as we tailor it to your production process. Usually, there will be an initial face-to-face meeting so we can understand your process and build the K-Map around this. Information about your equipment and processing parameters can be added remotely once you send us the information.

The training course is three days long and usually happens once the K-Map is complete. Throughout the course we will refer to elements of the K-Map, and we will show you how to use it too.

Finally, you might also want to have a look at our Automotive Lightweighting Technology page, and read this blog about aluminium automotive sheet alloys.


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