Quench Model

Model for the off-line design or fine tuning of your quench process

We’ve developed our Quench Model using a combination of world class expertise in heat transfer and practical knowledge. You can use it for off-line design, or for fine tuning your quench process to obtain the exact physical and metallurgical properties critical for certain products.

Highly versatile model suitable for all products

The model calculates the temperature reduction of aluminium slab or strip through the quenching process of a rolling mill (pre or post strip coolers), continuous caster, continuous annealing line or solution heat treatment furnace. As a physics-based model it is highly versatile and adaptable to different products and quench set-ups.

High intensity sprays, soft sprays, air, oil or water-based cooling can all be accommodated in the model. The results are displayed both graphically and in table format so that variables, such as temperatures inside the strip, can be analysed down the length of the quench.

The information it needs

  • Quench machine configuration
  • Coolant type and temperature
  • Spray intensity (flow rate per unit area)
  • Strip/slab thickness, conductivity and entry temperature


The ‘user-friendly’ input screen from the Innoval Quench Model


The graphical output below shows the temperatures through the strip, coolant temperatures and spray intensities along the length. The quench machine setup modelled here has both soft and hard spray headers, as well as some post-quench cooling due to the resultant pool of coolant on the strip surface.

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