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Process Improvement

Why does aluminium rolling mill performance decline?

Maintaining Aluminium Rolling Mill Performance

Avoiding a Decline in Aluminium Rolling Mill Performance

How aluminium consultants can accelerate the progress of internal process improvement teams

Thickness control in aluminium rolling

Aluminium foil quality: final anneal

Chatter problems on a cold rolling mill

Mill Vibration Phenomena during Cold Rolling

Roll and Strip Chatter Marks; 5th octave chatter

Productivity benefits of strip cooling

A brief history of metal rolling for sheet and plate products

Molten metal cleanliness when casting aluminium slabs – the basics!

Why ISO 9001 certification is important when you provide a service

Why roll grinding is critical to foil rolling

Has the holding furnace had its day?

Hot rolling emulsion monitoring

Flatness measurement challenges

Industry 4.0: where is the revolution? part 1

The benefits of Industry 4.0 implementation

Which type of levelling line is suitable for my product?

Not just aluminium; optimising steel rolling


Process Models

A modelling approach to improved aluminium rolling performance

Benefits of optimising roll cooling when rolling aluminium

What can a Process Cost Model do?

Aluminium rolling models: work roll camber

Aluminium rolling models: strip quench model increases productivity

Aluminium rolling models: strip levelling

Aluminium rolling models: coil annealing cycles

Aluminium rolling models: roll cooling systems

Aluminium rolling models: aligning mill productivity

Aluminium rolling models: optimising spray cooling

Aluminium rolling models: winding model

Aluminium rolling models: roll to temper practices

FEA models for optimising a rolling process

Modelling high temperature strip quenching

Plant capacity modelling considerations

Energy utilisation modelling considerations


Materials Development

The Importance of Materials Expertise to the Aluminium Industry

We love it when a plan comes together…the story behind REALCAR

Beyond Dieselgate – aluminium lightweighting opportunities

Aluminium pretreatment – a brief overview

Aluminium Rolling Lubrication: part 1

Aluminium Rolling Lubrication: part 2

Alloy and Temper Designations

Recycled aluminium and the Aluminium Age

Anodised aluminium as a catalyst support

End of life vehicles: new Jags for old

The Physics of Lightweighting

The art and science of aluminium sculpture

Aluminium can recycling and the landfill debacle

Earing Control in CBS from a single stand hot reversing mill

Upcycling; an important addition to our vocabulary

Solidification under Zero Gravity

Aluminium Automotive Sheet Alloys

Why polymer coatings are a necessary evil

Aluminium surface cleaning – a brief overview

Low Carbon Aluminium for Electric Vehicles

Zorba; the key to low carbon aluminium supply?

Why paint sticks – it’s all about the pretreatment

What about inflatable autonomous electric vehicles?


Material Testing

Si particle size analysis for brazed aluminium heat exchangers

Outsourced R&D and aluminium testing – the cost effective way forward

Aluminium foil quality: surface analysis

The fastest wheels on earth

Lab based aluminium brazing simulation

An overview of aluminium surface analysis

ISO 17025 & Interlaboratory Cross Checks

Understanding your aluminium oxide surface

Evaluating toughness in aluminium extrusions: 1

Evaluating fracture toughness in extrusions: 2

Land speed record one step closer!

Measuring aluminium surface cleanliness by microscopy

Total reflectance and colour measurements to evaluate aluminium etching

Aluminium Surface Analysis: high resolution low-kV SEM

Optical microscopy to analyse aluminium alloy grains

Seeing the light: making good use of optical microscopes


Strategic Support & Best Practice

R&D and Knowledge Mapping: unnecessary costs or sensible forward planning?

Designing a World-Class Aluminium Rolling Plant

Billet quality and extrusion plant efficiency

Why should you do an FMEA?

Material Flow Analysis: a simple approach

6S is just cleaning up, isn’t it?

A guide to our new K-Map software

Technical due diligence: Are you biting a lemon?

Why manufacturing needs Knowledge Management

Innovation: turning knowledge into money

Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability in the Aluminium Industry

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